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Discover The Amazing Benefits Of Quartz Lamp Tanning Technology

Quartz lamp tanning technology is unique in many ways and offers far superior tanning effects as compared to traditional or conventional tanning beds. For example, this modern tanning bed technology offers up to 10 times the amount of light energy as compared to other tanning bed lamps. Quartz lamps can safely and efficiently generate higher levels of ultraviolet light known as UVA. In essence, Quartz lamp technology provides customers with a greater amount of desirable tanning light and far less undesirable light.

The Skins Natural Sloughing Rate

This advanced technology incorporates a complex system of specialized glass filters that are unique in their ability to block a variety of unfriendly UV type like that can be damaging to the skin. This undesirable UV light is known as UVB and can greatly increase the skins natural sloughing rate. Quartz lamp tanning technology is far superior in that it enables the body to generate a more normal sloughing rate. This more normal and natural rate typically occurs approximately every 28 days.

Take Full Of Vintage Of The Favorable Light Spectrum

Technologically advanced sophisticated glass lens filters are able to effectively filter out unwanted light allowing only favorable tanning light to illuminate the skin. In essence, Quartz lamp tanning technology allows those that enjoy tanning the opportunity to take full of vintage of the favorable light spectrum while being protected from the unfavorable light spectrum. The end result is longer lasting and more attractive tans that look better and are better for you. Best of all, this technology allows you to tan up to 10 times faster and achieve a tan that generally lasts 10 times longer.

The Preferred Method Of Tanning

Quartz lamp tanning technology is able to achieve remarkable results through the use of a higher wattage of approximately 23,000W to produce impressive tans. Conversely, conventional tanning beds use a greater amount of UVB spectrum lighting causing skin to slough at a much faster rate. While not directly harmful to the skin, this method of tanning requires a greater number of sessions due to the fact that tans fade far more quickly. Quartz lamp tanning technology is quickly becoming the preferred method of tanning for those that are looking for a deep rich tan that outlasts other tans. Contact Solarius Spa today to learn more about impressive Albuquerque tanning bed alternatives.
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