Candles for the Albuquerque home / Solarius Spa

For years, she had enchanted us with her unique and beautiful hand-blown candle collection.
Always driven by her creativity and strong sense of design, she is back with a more evolved candle: more colors, more fragrances and her candles now have 3 lives : candle, vase and a beautiful candle holder, when put upside down.

” I have always been fascinated by glass, a material that is both strong and yet fragile, with infinite shapes and colors. When I design my candles I get my inspiration from shapes and fragrances that we found in Nature, beautiful with simplicity…” says Marianne from her Parisian studio.


"I have always loved sun-warmed skin. A bronzed complexion is sensual and inviting- and it is becoming on anyone."
~ Tom Ford

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